Expedition research areas include climate change, species extinction, pollution, human/wildlife conflict and poaching 

Generously supported

by Zeiss


The Bedouin of Oman in the desert and the richest 

biodiversity of the Arabian Peninsular.

Expedition Team:

Julie Askew


LIFELINE Media Production

Film Crew

Waheed Al Fazari

Field biologist  

Office for Conservation & Environment 

Salim Al Salami


Fahad Al Hishami

Heritage & Culture expert

Location and field guide

Plymouth University Students

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Northern British Columbia

from The Rockies to The Great Bear Rainforest

Future Expeditions include:

Madagascar, Sumatra, Uganda, India, Australia, Botswana, Greenland, Borneo, South Africa, Amazonas/Brazil, China, Nepal, Honduras and Kenya.

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